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Located in Beverly Hills, California, Attorney Maria E. Hall represents clients in civil lawsuits, most often in the areas of civil rightsemployment and housing

Civil rights and liberties include freedom of speech, assembly and religion, as well as freedom of the press, and the right to equality in public places.  Civil rights lawsuits often involve claims that a person was discriminated against and/or harassed simply for belonging to a particular group, for example, sex, race, religion, age or disability. 

Attorney Hall has over a dozen years' experience fighting for the rights of her clients who have suffered retaliation and discrimination for exercising their right to protest politically, whistleblowing, and petitioning the government for redress of grievances (i.e., Anti-SLAPP motions).  

Few things are more satisfying in life than finding a job you love and doing it well.  And few things are more necessary than finding and keeping work to support one's family.  Unfortunately, sometimes great people lose their jobs through no fault of their own, because of ignorant prejudices or other unlawful conduct by the people in charge. 
Attorney Hall represents employees who have experienced harassment and/or discrimination on-the-job due to their race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, as well as wrongful termination.  
Attorney Hall represents clients who have disputes over employment contracts (including independent contractors), and also is available to consult with employers about drafting and implementing employment handbooks and training procedures, which are excellent ways employers can protect themselves from lawsuits.  

Los Angeles has the highest percentage of renters of any US metro area.  Within the City itself, the rental market is regulated by a complex set of rules called the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.  Few attorneys truly understand LA's rent stabilization process.  It is crucial for renters, landlords, and developers to understand their rights and their duties under LA's RSO.  

With over a dozen years defending tenants from eviction, suing slumlords, and mediating other landlord-tenant disputes, Attorney Hall has the know-how to navigate through the minefield of rent stabilization in Los Angeles.  In addition to the City of Los Angeles, she has worked on many cases in the City of Santa Monica and West Hollywood, both of which have their own set of rent stabilization laws, as well as other cities without rent stabilization.  

Please Note:  The information on this website is not legal advice.  Nothing here is meant or intended to create an attorney client relationship.  For specific legal advice relating to your situation, contact our office and make an appointment to speak with an attorney.  Maria E. Hall is licensed to practice law in the State of California, State Bar No. 229062. 
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